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Years of experience in real estate in the UK and UAE.

SIS Middle East was founded by Cameron Burns and Partners with the objective of providing clients with a solution to the pain points often found in real estate.

With years of experience under us, having backgrounds in the real estate industry within both the UK and UAE, we've learnt that there was a significant headache for many landlords, and tenants, in regards to the handling of deposits at the end of a contract. With this, SIS Middle East was founded providing a solution.

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Bringing the 'British Customer Service' to the UAE

Customer Service

We are bringing the 'British customer service' to the UAE. We believe everyone should be treated fairly and equally and customer service is our mantra. Starting with this moral compass enables us to drip feed this right through the business ultimately meaning; when we say we will do something? It's done. When we guarantee within 24 hours? It's done. When we offer our clients services beyond the call of duty? It is done.

Bespoke Services

We welcome constructive feedback, we are a business built on what our customers, landlords and tenants want. Therefore we are always changing, adapting and moving with the times to cater to what our clients need. We are determined to end the fight over deposits one report at a time, whether it's over 50aed or 150,000aed, SIS has your back.

Our Reporting Services

We provide a bespoke inventory and detailed condition report of a property or unit to verify its condition prior to a tenant entering.This report helps give peace of mind throughout the tenancy to the landlord and the tenant. The landlord protects their assets in the property and the condition of their property. The tenant protects their deposit. At the end of the leasing agreement, there will be no deposit disputes as everything will be detailed.

The Inventory & Schedule of Condition Report. A comprehensive inventory of the contents of the furnishings, fixtures and fittings of a property including full description of the condition of walls, ceilings, floors, paintwork, light fittings, woodwork etc.

The report will be complete 24 hours after booking time with emailed copy sent to both parties and hard copy free of charge if necessary.

The SIS report acts as both an insurance against the landlords assets and an insurance against the lodged deposit made by the tenant.

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We're Different.

We are bringing something that is mandatory in many other parts of the world including the U.K, most of Europe, America and many more places to the UAE when a leasing deal is concluded. Nothing like what we're doing is being done here. This is a service that cannot be easily done, it's not just taking some photos and making the tenant sign for what's there. The level of detail is excruciating, we perfect our reports over hours and ensure everything is encapsulated within the property.

Alongside our values, we thrive off good customer service.

  • We will collect keys off wherever you are.
  • We will arrange access to the property.
  • We will do the reports with or without anyone in the property using our customised state of the art developers.
  • We will personally write every report up.
  • We will deliver the report to you wherever you are via email and or handcopy.
  • We will make you HAPPY with our service.

This is a unique way of asset protection and deposit protection.

Bespoke Inventory & Detailed Condition Reporting Packages

Furnished Properties from 500AED

We at SIS can supply an in depth furnished report for the low price of 500AED for a studio. Completing a report for a 1 bed unit comes with an additional 100AED ontop of that. Similarly, moving to 2 beds adds a supplementary fee of another 100AED. Carrying out a report upon a villa can range from 700AED to 800AED.

Unfurnished Properties from 250AED

Performing an unfurnished report comes at a discounted half price compared to the furnished report. A studio report will cost a reduced 250AED. Correspondingly, a single bed property will cost 300AED and therefore a double bed property will be at a price of 350AED.

Corporate & Multiple Units

SIS also deliver corporate or multiple-unit services at reduced rate. Enquire today for more information about this reporting service. This service is comprised of a ‘check in’ report upon the property being rented, and a ‘check out’ comparable report at the end determining whether there are any differences in the two. If you happen to own numerous properties across Dubai, it’s essential that you protect your assets with a professional service & have peace of mind when it comes to leasing them.

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